jibs for cribs
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SNOWatHOME® introduces
Jibs for Cribs™

Session in your own backyard terrain park
till you jib like a pro!

SNOWatHOME® has created the first and only patent pending jib box system that is fully expandable, adjustable and portable for snowboarders and freeskiers. We designed it to be strong, stable, slick, for all skill levels, and able to adapt to any terrain. Built to professional standards (and better than many jibs found at local mountains), you're gonna love being able to build your own legit backyard terrain park and session all day and night.

The Starter Box System contains everything you need for your first box - one 8 foot flat section with two rounded ends creating a 10 foot box.

Newbies drop it to the ground for a ride on and learn to grind, as you gain confidence put the legs on, adjust the height and learn to transition from a kicker to the box.

Think you’ve got skills? Kink your box with the patent pending hinge and grow the length with 8 foot flat extensions. You’ll never get bored with the limitless layouts you can create.

The plug and play system makes it easy to grow or kink your jib box. Using just three interlocking parts - flats, hinges, and ends, you can create any combination of flats and downs you want. The best part is, as you add to your system, you can always take it apart, move it around and put it back together in new ways. You are never stuck with just one design! Check out the layout options and the packages listed below for some inspiration.

Since many of you also skateboard and bike in the summer, don't forget to try your skills after the melt down.

Jibs for Cribs Starter Box System

Jibs for Cribs
3 Parts
Limitless Combinations
 8 Foot Flat
 Rounded Ends
 Hinging Joints
To see more on how the system works, visit the Layout Ideas.
  • Infinite Length Potential
  • Reconfigurable
  • Add Hinges for Kinks
  • Rounded Ends for Safety
  • Portable
  • Stores Flat
  • Mounts for Custom Banners
  • This item ships UPS GROUND! Delivered in 3-5 days or can be Expedited!
  • Thick 3/8" HDPE Surface
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 2" Round Steel Coping
  • 16" Wide Surface
  • Outriggers
      • Non-skid Rubber Feet for Off-Snow Applications
      • Increased Stability
  • Adjustable Height
      • Ranges from 24" - 40"
      • Beginners can remove legs to use at ground level


Jibs for Cribs offers these packages for your convenience.

Overall Length
Add to Cart
Starter Box System
10 foot Jib Box: Two Rounded Ends, One Eight Foot Flat, Adjustable Legs with Outriggers
10 Feet
Double Flat
One Starter Box plus One 8 Foot Flat Extension
18 Feet
Box 2.1
One Starter Box plus One 8 Foot Flat Extension and One Hinge
20 Feet
Box 3.2
One Starter Box plus Two 8 Foot Flat Extensions and Two Hinges
30 Feet