jibs for cribs Layout Ideas

How Does it Work?
  1. Begin with a Starter System (Box or Rail)
2. Add Flats to grow your Box or Hinges to Kink it!
3. Always finish with an end
4. Adjust the telescoping leg height to suit the terrain
    and skill level of the rider
Find a Dealer
Starter Box System Double Flat Box Triple Flat Box
Starter Box
(With removable telescoping legs)
Double Flat - 18 Foot Box
Triple Flat - 26 Foot Box

Using Box Package 2.1
1 Starter Box System, 1 Flat Extension, 1 Hinge

Flat Down Box Down Flat Box
Flat Down - 20 Foot Box
Down Flat - 20 Foot Box
Up Down Box Folded Box
Up Down - 20 Foot Box
20 Foot Box Folded for Easy Transport
(Legs easily removed)

Using Box Package 3.2:
1 Starter Box System, 2 Flat Extensions, 2 Hinges

Flat Flat Down Box Down Flat Flat Box
Double Flat Down - 30 Foot Box
Down Double Flat - 30 Foot Box
Flat Down Flat Up Flat Down
Flat Down Flat - 30 Foot Box
Battleship - 30 Foot Box
Endless Possibilites:
Stairs Box
50 Foot Stairs
Flat Flat Stairs
*Remember - Longer Boxes can always be broken down into more than one Jib Box if you have Ends!