jibs for cribs Kink It!

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 How Does it Work?
  1. Begin with a Starter System (Box or Rail)
  2. Add Extensions to grow your System or Hinges to Kink it!
  3. Always finish with an end
  4. Adjust the telescoping leg height to suit the terrain
    and skill level of the rider
Box Hinge :
  • Add some angles! Create Flat-Downs, Down-Flats, A-Frames and Battleships all from one expandable system.
  • Once you have a straight line grind down add some kinks. Because these sections offer a full range of motion, you determine how steep to make the incline. When your session is done fold one box on top of the other and you're off to the next poaching site.
  • Greased fittings to keep things moving.
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Box Hinge
Rail Hinge:
  • Kink your Rail.
  • What could be better than learning to transition an angle when YOU decide just how steep to go?
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